Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap day guys ~ Danny

aka LeanTeenMuscle! coming soon!

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Leap day guys ~ Kyle

Kyle has a major web presence! As well as his Teenbodybuilderr YT channel, he has a blog: Natural Teen Bodybuilding. Kyle also has a website Kyle Hynick Fitness under construction. While you're waiting for that, you can follow him on Twitter: @KyleHynick. And don't forget to visit & like his KHF facebook page. Did we miss anything? Yes - you'll also find Kyle on Model Mayhem! In fact, you'll find even more links on his YT channel - go check it out;)

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Daniel Henman

An inspirational training video from Kevan Wilson, featuring Danny Henman:

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Kevan Wilson

Team 2012, training with Kevan Wilson...

Warner Music Group may block video playback here, but you can click to view it on YouTube

Delyth Lloyd, Daniel Henman, Adam Charlton, Dan James
Marzio Barberio, Stephanie James, Sean Betts
KevanWilson on YouTube

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Sunday, 19 February 2012


This flexer has a lot of subs, but deserves more views, too!

Visit & sub dannbaman on YouTube!

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A ripped physique & great flexing from this guy, so visit his channel for more!

Don't just watch - comment & subscribe:

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Like I said before, there are many guys sharing their training experience. So please let us know about them, or yourself if you are bodybuilding. And please support these guys with comments & subs.

Here's quicksilver05x's first clip to monitor his transformation:

Visit & sub him on quicksilver05x channel!

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Saturday, 18 February 2012


It's a couple of months since this guy uploaded a clip. Maybe if you sub & comment, he'll make a new one!

Visit his redgyyy channel now
& check out his transformation vid!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BBnoob3 newest

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FL ~ YouTube & more

FlexingLads networks with YT flexers, offering them ways to boost subs & views, as well as getting more support to meet the high costs of training.

We embed flexing and training clips on our blog. If we haven't posted yours yet, let us know & we'll feature you. Blog hits are currently around 1000/day average.

Get listed on our sponsorship page. Just mail us a pic, bio, links & donation details, and we'll post them.

If you want more YT exposure, send us a short (45-90 sec) promo vid, and we'll upload it to our channel, with a link to yours. We'll also add annotations, so viewers can click to sub you and view more of your videos. You can see how that works here.

Our average views are 5000+, which means more traffic to your channel - more views & more subs!

To send us stuff, or get more info, mail us:

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