Tuesday, 22 April 2014

¾ million!

Since I last updated a couple of weeks back, video views have rocketed, taking FL channel to ¾ million!
Featuring Belgian bodybuilder Amine Ayoute - his FL playlist here

With 243 videos, that's an average of 3,000+ views/clip.

Not that we can't do a lot better, but one way we make sure clips get more views is by not uploaded several videos on the same day.

If you do that, your total views shoot up, but individual videos tend to get fewer hits. You pull in more subs, too, so it benefits your channel. But as the videos don't do as well, the boost for flexers' channels is less.

It's really the guys that make FlexingLads, that's why it's important we aren't selfish about how we use their vids :D

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Seven hundred thousand views ...and falling???

No, FL channel is still clocking up views. Public videos just passed 700k, so we're marking that milestone with a pic...

But a couple of featured channels have taken down their stuff, so we'll be unlisting our videos from those guys for the time being. That way, when you watch an FL clip, you'll know it's linked to a channel with more footage of the same flexer.

Unlisted videos don't count towards public stats, so the counter may drop below 700k again. The good news is the lifetime stats in analytics clock all the views we've ever had. Currently, that number is 843k and will go on rising towards the million mark :D

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Friday, 4 April 2014

FL site on BestMaleBlogs

FlexingLads main website at flexinglads.com/blog is now listed on BestMaleBlogs.

Please visit BMB using the button below, rate and vote for FlexingLads.com - THANX!

Best Male Blogs - naked men, gay porn, homo culture, queer blogs

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

FL channel : first 1/4 of 2014

This is how we did during January-March, compared to what we're aiming for this year:


We did best in views, getting 117k/125k target (94%). New flexers/channels featured was least good, with 5 added of 6-7 aimed for. 29/36 new videos was about the same rate of success (80ish%). And new subs of 514 - we wanted 600 - was in between, around 86%.

Bear in mind, unlike some channels, we have permission to upload every video.

Using someone else's clip without their consent, even if you link to their channel, is theft. It means you nicked their stuff to boost your channel. You took an easy option. And if you didn't get a strike for copyright violation, that's down to their goodwill. It doesn't mean what you did is ok.

The good news is that March was the best month for views and subs. If we maintain or better that, we'll reach our target of 1.2M views and 7.5k subs by the end of the year :D

Best of all, we now have our own FL website. So whatever happens with the channel, FL is no longer dependent on YouTube or other social sites.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

FlexingLads signs Tom Daley

FlexingLads is proud to announce that we have signed Tom Daley!

It wasn't easy! Just google it, and you'll see that others have tried and failed. Tom, born May 21, is hard to sign.

Some say he's Taurus; some say Gemini; others admit they haven't a clue and call him Taurus-Gemini cusp. We solved the dilemma by focusing on Tom's year of birth - 1994.

In the Chinese Zodiac, Tom's sign is the Dog!

But what's Tom's puppy called?

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