Wednesday, 2 April 2014

FL channel : first 1/4 of 2014

This is how we did during January-March, compared to what we're aiming for this year:


We did best in views, getting 117k/125k target (94%). New flexers/channels featured was least good, with 5 added of 6-7 aimed for. 29/36 new videos was about the same rate of success (80ish%). And new subs of 514 - we wanted 600 - was in between, around 86%.

Bear in mind, unlike some channels, we have permission to upload every video.

Using someone else's clip without their consent, even if you link to their channel, is theft. It means you nicked their stuff to boost your channel. You took an easy option. And if you didn't get a strike for copyright violation, that's down to their goodwill. It doesn't mean what you did is ok.

The good news is that March was the best month for views and subs. If we maintain or better that, we'll reach our target of 1.2M views and 7.5k subs by the end of the year :D

Best of all, we now have our own FL website. So whatever happens with the channel, FL is no longer dependent on YouTube or other social sites.

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