Thursday, 14 February 2013

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Skyping Lads

We've recently created a new page - SkypingLads - listing guys who do muscle cam shows on Skype. We'll be adding more to the list from Monday.

Some of them have clips on FL, and most have channels of their own. Each has a popup photo, and if you add a guy on Skype, you can ask him for more info about his shows or private videos.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

One blog, two URLs

FL's new URL, coming soon!
FlexingLads didn't begin as a fully worked out concept. There was a plan for a website, and the YouTube channel and this blog were created to promote that plan. That's why the channel and blog ended up with different names.

Originally, the blog was titled "Hot, Young and Flexing", a name chosen by my former collaborator, Mark (aka Markabba of Strictly). When Mark decided to go solo and formed Strictly Come Flexing, I changed the name of the blog to correspond to the channel name: FlexingLads, a name I'd picked.

It wasn't about distancing myself from Mark. At that stage there was no significant enmity between us. I just think three word titles are pretty cliché. Also, while the guys on here may be hot and young, stressing that alone in the title, while ignoring the fitness and aesthetic aspect, trivializes what they do.

As you see from Mark's blog, he takes the opposite view. That's fine. We have different approaches.

Anyway, changing the blog name was easy, but changing the URL would mean all links to and within the blog would be broken. So I kept the old URL.

I did reserve flexinglads as a Blogger URL though, by setting up a spare blog using that address. Recently, I imported all the posts from this blog to the spare one, and am now publishing several posts per day, starting with the earliest.

So a mirror blog is being created here:

Once the new blog is fully published, I'll start updating there, too. I'll then phase out the updates at the hotyoungandflexing address. Meanwhile, the updates will continue here as normal.

That will give you time to bookmark the new address. Please share it, too!

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