Saturday, 9 July 2016

Trevor Smith is back!

by guest blogger Malcolm Fisher

It's been a while! Trevor Smith has been in and out of the game a few times over the last 4 years and now he's back and not wanting to miss the action anymore.

Trevor has had several successful YouTube and Skype accounts. He will be starting to post vids to his new channel and is giving out his skype for you to add him now. Ask Trevor when you do add him how you can support his cause.

He is 20 years old! Still young and hot as hell. He works construction and likes to travel and buy nice things, of course. He is quite a smart business savvy studd. Some of his goals and aspirations are to buy himself a couple pieces of real estate, build a modeling agency and clothing company, create some apps, start a gym, and of course pamper himself with a nice car or two down the road ;)

I am excited to see that he is back and is wanting to stick around because he was always a success and fun to watch. The support he gave to his fans and the shows and videos he provided really were a direct reflection of what he is all about: stunning, enthusiastic, caring, cocky, and confident!

And add him on Skype: trevfitness

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