Monday, 31 December 2012

Cristopher Mendoza 2 - MXmuscles

Cristopher Mendoza, joven atleta mexicano de 20 años de edad preparándose para el Mr México Juvenil 2013 y el Musclemania Internacional. Parte de La Jauria AK Systems, Cris está enfocado a llevarse los máximos honores.

Cristopher Mendoza, young Mexican 20 year old athlete on his road to the Mr Mexico Jr and Musclemania International 2013. Member of the AK Systems Team, Cris is very focused on winning the highest honors.

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

FlexWeb news

FlexingLads main web presence in 2012 has been our YouTube channel and this blog. We expanded to other social sites, some of them listed here, along with a couple of other blogs (not updated much).

In 2013, there'll be a significant addition to this. More on that later :)

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Saturday, 29 December 2012


8 days after passing 2700, FL channel has now hit 2800 subs. I said we'd go for 3000 by February 28, but I'm now aiming to hit that target by January 31 :)

Comparing this screenshot with the last one, I noticed an anomaly. When our subs stood at 2701, video views were 229,563. In the above image, with 2800 subs, we have 228,642 views :/

No idea what caused the drop. Maybe we got hacked by cyberterrorists LOL. Anyway, YT analytics gives lifetime views for the channel as 237,132, making more sense.

Lifetime views include those from deleted videos. So to find average views/video for existing clips, you need to add individual views and divide by the number of videos. Our 60 flexing clips total 197,185 views, giving average views/clip of 3286.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Featured channels

Since our last post (Dec 4) about FL-featured guys, 9 new channels have put videos on FlexingLads. We now feature so many, we can't fit them all onto our YouTube page, which only allows a maximum of 36!

Update: 10 new channels - we added MrBremsstreifen today . . .

Here's the whole list, totaling 42 channels, with the newest at the top. Please visit them and subscribe :D

+9 new channels!

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Just reading Strictly Mark's newest post where he mentions me (his "hater"), and can't make sense of it - that's not meant nastily, I just don't understand this:
"Been told today that my hater is now copying my posts to feature on his hate filled blog against me,making out that i am accusing him of being the culprit in the recent hacking incident."
I haven't copied his posts, either here or onto my STFlexU blog. But if even if I had, how would that show he's accused me of hacking his sites?

Anyway, I haven't said Mark accused me of that. I did read his post about "hacking", but as he didn't give the links to the copied sites, I had no idea what he was talking about, and haven't mentioned it here until now.

Sorry, I have no false claim to apologize for. Whoever Vance is, he needs to check his facts, or Mark needs to check he's understood whatever Vance told him. One or the other - or both - have it wrong. Maybe an apology is in order :/

Mark also says "I can accuse him of many things..." Please do, Mark. Stop the innuendo and private slurs, and say openly and specifically what you accuse me of. That way, I can defend myself properly, as everyone has a right to do.

Update: I commented on Mark's blog that I hadn't copied his posts, and I hadn't said he'd accused me of trying to hack his sites, either. Just the facts, no argument. Mark has deleted my comment, and disabled comments altogether. I guess that means he isn't interested in actually sorting the matter.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Luis A Guerra - MXmuscles

Mexican bodybuilder/fitness model Luis A Guerra, featured by MXmuscles, in Road to 2012 America Fitness Weekend:

Luis A Guerra, HD video cap

Watch in 1080p HD fullscreen
Luis A Guerra rumbo al America Fitness weekend en Las Vegas, 2012 Nov 16-17
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Xmas Un-wrapped!

Wrapped . . .

. . . Unwrapped!

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Cristopher Mendoza - MXmuscles

Young Mexican bodybuilder & fitness model Cristopher Mendoza, featured by MXmuslces, in Road to Mr Mexico Jr 2013 . . .

Cristopher Mendoza, HD video cap

Watch in 1080p HD fullscreen!

Cristopher Mendoza rumbo al Mr México Juvenil & Musclemania Internacional 2013
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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Fact v Fantasy

For weeks I've ignored multiple jibes, and recently three direct attacks, from a blog called Strictly Come Flexing. Responding is made more difficult by the fact that the owner - Mark (markabba) - usually deletes the posts (1) after a couple of days, and sometimes within minutes. That's what just happened with two more direct attacks.

Mark's latest claim is that after he posted a photo of a guy who was going to be on Strictly's YouTube channel, I "pounced" on the guy, to get him on FlexingLads, too.

The fact is, Mark's post went up Saturday (Dec 22), but I'd already contacted the guy Thursday (Dec 20) to ask if he'd like a clip on FL to promote his own channel. And I'd found his channel when someone posted his video on a forum last week.

That's how the internet works. People discover stuff, share it - contacts are made. People network - everyone benefits.

I have seen some guys on Mark's sites first, and approached them with an offer. He's done the same with FL. That's how the internet is supposed to work.

Mark says he has no problem with guys being on both channels. So why does he flip out when that happens?

Who has the right to tell people which sites they should be on anyhow? No one.

Think about it. Channels like FL and Strictly get free content from guys who've worked hard to look good, and produced the videos themselves. In return, they get more exposure and new subs. That's a reasonable exchange.

If on top of that you want people exclusive to your sites, you need to offer a contract and a salary!

A couple more facts: since Mark launched his channel (Oct 7), Mark has uploaded clips from 19 guys; I've uploaded clips from 15. How many of them are the same? Four. And all have been pleased with the boost they've gotten.

So can we move on, and allow this to work for everyone?

Regarding Mark's promise to "expose" me in February, why wait? Why not say what you have to say now, Mark? And why make a joint video with your friend Adam in New York, when you could do it now over the internet? Just make a Google hangout.

Since you've raised these topics, I will address them, especially for people who didn't know about our "feud", in a later post.

(1) Update: Mark's now deleted this linked page - which was a post about other deleted posts!

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Louis the First

We've featured gymnasts and dancers, but this is the first time we've had a dancing gymnast on FL :)

Louis Smith and partner Flavia Cacace won the Strictly final tonight. Louis's fitness and gymnastic skills applied to dance had a lot to do with that.

The show is incredibly ghey. It mostly consists of camp ballroom, and outfits to arouse viewers' jaded sexual appetites. But sometimes - as in this case - real dance occurs!

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Poncho - MrFitBoy007

From Poncho's Facebook, © Poncho 2012

Alfonso aka Poncho is MrFitBoy007 on many social sites, including YouTube :) We'll be telling you more about him on FL blog, meanwhile check out this video Poncho put together for FL channel. Apart from the flexing - which you'll love - the clip is a great piece of editing! Special thanks to him for creating it :D

Watch in 1080p HD fullscreen!
Links to his social sites in the video description!

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Friday, 21 December 2012


New YouTube milestone: 2700 subs. Now we go for 3000 by 2013 February 28.

2,701 FL subscribers on 2012/12/21 - 299 to go . . .

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Friday, 14 December 2012

A Xmas :-* with Tom?

Tom Daley with mistletoe . . . all the rest is your Christmas fantasy LOL

Santa Daley :/

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

FlexingLads YT channel

Some info if you're new to FlexingLads, and an update for fans, about our YouTube channel :D

FL channel now features 34 people into fitness and flexing, most with their own channels. Here's a list - why not to check them out & subscribe?

You can also find these channels on our own YT Featured page. There are so many, we need two lists. You'll easily spot the main block under the featured video, but don't miss the right hand column, where more channels are listed.

Some people have two or three clips on FL, so our total so far is 48 flexing videos.

Watch out for new FLexers and videos this month!

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