Saturday, 29 December 2012


8 days after passing 2700, FL channel has now hit 2800 subs. I said we'd go for 3000 by February 28, but I'm now aiming to hit that target by January 31 :)

Comparing this screenshot with the last one, I noticed an anomaly. When our subs stood at 2701, video views were 229,563. In the above image, with 2800 subs, we have 228,642 views :/

No idea what caused the drop. Maybe we got hacked by cyberterrorists LOL. Anyway, YT analytics gives lifetime views for the channel as 237,132, making more sense.

Lifetime views include those from deleted videos. So to find average views/video for existing clips, you need to add individual views and divide by the number of videos. Our 60 flexing clips total 197,185 views, giving average views/clip of 3286.

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