Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hey look, no porn!

Benedict Cumberbatch

FlexingLads channel, blog and other sites aim to be totally inclusive. Female, male, young or old, if you like to see a muscular physique, FL is for you.

That's why FL does not feature pornography. We want anyone to be able to visit our sites, so we exclude porn, in order to include you.

Whether you see the images sexually or not is really down to who you are, not what's on the page.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Strictly BS

It's a long time since I responded to a post on Strictly blog. Over the months, the owner Mark has made multiple, sometimes veiled, sometimes open snipes at Flexinglads and myself. I didn't bother responding, because apart from their pettiness, as one guy who appears on his channel said to me, "People don't care about his blog. They just want to see guys flex."

I'm pretty sure the same goes for this blog. You aren't here to read about our disputes. Nevertheless, Mark's latest claim that other channels - he means Flexinglads - show clips "originally made exclusively" for Strictly is a blatant lie. The videos were sent to both our channels simultaneously.

What's more, in at least one case, Mark was aware of that, because he edited the version on his channel and posted the original clip on his blog. Why do that otherwise? He then 'discovered' the clip wasn't 'exclusive', flipped out, deleted it, and asked the guy for a new, 'exclusive' clip.

Previously, he'd done something similar with another flexer's clip. As it was on my channel, he deleted his version, and created an edited sepia version - you know, the color that makes it look like it was shot during world war one.

Now he's decided to reupload the original videos, and make a public declaration that they are the exclusive property of Strictly Come Flexing. Mark is behaving like the CEO of some media corporation. Except he doesn't pay a cent for the videos he claims exclusive rights to.

It's really too much. Not only does Mark attempt to make Flexinglads seem like a pirate channel, he makes the flexers look dishonest, too.

The crazy thing is there's a third video recently uploaded to both our channels which Mark has not even mentioned.

And going way back, another guy offered us the same clip. Mark rejected it, as he didn't want to share it, and demanded a new, 'exclusive' video.

The guy made a new clip just for Strictly. But Mark then posted the original clip - which he'd had the chance to feature, but rejected - as an "intended exclusive", claiming it had been meant for his channel all along.

This really is insane behavior, and I'm not the only one who thinks so!

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Friday, 20 September 2013


With 4,444 subs on FL YouTube channel, lets start the countdown to 5,000!

FL hits 4444 subs - currently featuring Sid Bitantos

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