Friday, 28 December 2012


Just reading Strictly Mark's newest post where he mentions me (his "hater"), and can't make sense of it - that's not meant nastily, I just don't understand this:
"Been told today that my hater is now copying my posts to feature on his hate filled blog against me,making out that i am accusing him of being the culprit in the recent hacking incident."
I haven't copied his posts, either here or onto my STFlexU blog. But if even if I had, how would that show he's accused me of hacking his sites?

Anyway, I haven't said Mark accused me of that. I did read his post about "hacking", but as he didn't give the links to the copied sites, I had no idea what he was talking about, and haven't mentioned it here until now.

Sorry, I have no false claim to apologize for. Whoever Vance is, he needs to check his facts, or Mark needs to check he's understood whatever Vance told him. One or the other - or both - have it wrong. Maybe an apology is in order :/

Mark also says "I can accuse him of many things..." Please do, Mark. Stop the innuendo and private slurs, and say openly and specifically what you accuse me of. That way, I can defend myself properly, as everyone has a right to do.

Update: I commented on Mark's blog that I hadn't copied his posts, and I hadn't said he'd accused me of trying to hack his sites, either. Just the facts, no argument. Mark has deleted my comment, and disabled comments altogether. I guess that means he isn't interested in actually sorting the matter.

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