Tuesday, 22 April 2014

¾ million!

Since I last updated a couple of weeks back, video views have rocketed, taking FL channel to ¾ million!
Featuring Belgian bodybuilder Amine Ayoute - his FL playlist here

With 243 videos, that's an average of 3,000+ views/clip.

Not that we can't do a lot better, but one way we make sure clips get more views is by not uploaded several videos on the same day.

If you do that, your total views shoot up, but individual videos tend to get fewer hits. You pull in more subs, too, so it benefits your channel. But as the videos don't do as well, the boost for flexers' channels is less.

It's really the guys that make FlexingLads, that's why it's important we aren't selfish about how we use their vids :D

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