Saturday, 21 January 2012

Strictly stay factual

A few hours after we blogged Boost your views - with FlexingLads, the following bulletin was issued by YT channel StrictlyComeFlexing (SCF):
Big thanks again guys.Had some really great messages today.This channel is growing nicely thanks to you and our great flexers.Similar channels may get more views but they promote themselves on a few dubious sites or use clips without permission.That won't be done here.We will grow on our reputation and our clips are done exclusively for us.I'm very pleased with how things are going and keep watching for news of our website launch this summer.Sub,comment,l­ike,enjoy!
Innuendo is a really dishonest way to attempt to undermine someone - without naming them or specifying their supposed misdeeds, you avoid the consequences of telling outright lies, but hope that the mud sticks anyhow.

Will SCF will say which "similar channels" promote themselves on "dubious" sites, and what clips have been used without permission?

Given the timing of the bulletin, as well as the SCF owner's former connection with FlexingLads channel, we don't doubt we are (one of) the target(s) of this smear.

So, staying strictly factual: none of the clips on FlexingLads has been uploaded without permission. And the 'dubious' sites we promote the channel on are: this blog, facebook, twitter,, and muscle forums like teenmuscleguys2. (We also have a facebook page.)

Videos may be embedded anywhere, of course. If ours are posted on any genuinely dubious sites, we'd like to know about it (mail us:

Finally, our blog is featured on BestMaleBlogs, [alongside others - like this one ;-) edit: this was a link to Mark's SCF blog's listing on BMB, but since he deleted the blog, the listing has been removed.]  Most 'dubious' of all, FlexingLads is featured on this really notorious website!

PS That's a lot of sites - see this post for a list of places you will find FlexingLads online. 
edit: Strictly ironic...

StrictlyComeFlexing posted a bulletin 7 hours ago

Hi guys.Any clips removed from uploads can be found in favourites.Just having a channel clean up so uploads are exclusive clips only or clips i've been asked to put up by some of the flexers.Sub,comment,like and enjoy!

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