Saturday, 28 April 2012

1000 subs!

As of now, 1,010 and rising...

Thanks to all subscribers and viewers of FlexingLads channel, and a special welcome to the new ones!

Most of all, we're grateful to our contributors, the guys & girl in the flexing & fitness clips!

We've had 28 in all, including one which was deleted after flagging by haters, and another we changed to unlisted, after replacing it with a preview version.

That leaves 26 clips on our video page, from 23 flexers & 24 channels, some of whom have websites, too.

We're also headed for 100,000 video views, making an average of about 3.5k views/video.

To celebrate and give some extra promotion, we're going to add a new page listing all the channels who've contributed videos to FL.

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