Thursday, 16 August 2012

STFlexU! blog

WTF's STFlexU!? It's STFU! with added Flex:D

Jokes aside, STFlexU! blog is FL's serious response to lies that have been spread about me & my sites since December 2011.

I recently found out that the person attempting to slur me continues to message people he knows or thinks I have contact with. For that reason, I decided to give the other blog much more publicity than I have so far.

Generally, I won't post details on FL blog, because I don't want its muscle & fitness focus ruined by torturous accounts of this guy's antics. But I will alert FL viewers occasionally about important posts on STFlexU!

Here, I'll just say something of relevance to everyone - the guy's main ID is markabba. If you know or come into contact with him online, remember:
  • markabba used his former blog to post libelous claims against people he had formerly befriended
  • he also attempted to blackmail me into not responding to his public and private slander, using records of our former chat and email messages.
If he's ready to do that to others, he's capable of doing it to YOU!

This guy is NOT markabba - I just love his message:D
Read his lips, Mark!

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