Saturday, 18 January 2014

FLexing in 2014

It's fun to set targets for the new year :D

But content counts more than numbers. Make a channel interesting, and the views and subs will come. Of course, promotion on social sites helps, and if I didn't take advantage of them, I'd be a fool. Still, if you keep the fans happy, they will share your videos, and that's the best kind of promotion!

Overall, I want 2014 to see more flexers and their channels featured on FL. That will mean a lot of new videos, because several guys are now regulars - some even have their own playlists. We'll also see some old faces back again.

It's impossible to predict when new guys will come along, so I won't put a figure on that. We added fifty new flexers last year, but even half that number wouldn't be bad.

Regular uploads count though, so I'll be making sure we add at least a dozen new clips per month, or around 150 during the year. That would tot up to more than 350 videos on the channel.

As we almost got half a million new views in 2013, we have to bust that and get 500k+ in 2014, which will bring our all time total to over 1.2M - I'm sure we can do that.

Subscribers are already up 100+ since new year, so I'm also confident we can add around 2.5k to get our subs total over 7,500 by December 31.

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