Wednesday, 1 April 2015

FlexingLads enters election race!

With just five weeks left till the UK general election, a new party has entered the race.

The FLexing Party (FLP) is fielding 375 candidates - one for every video on FlexingLads YouTube channel.

FLP leader, Kit Newton, claims the party is set to form the next government: "You only need 326 seats to have a majority!". Yeah, right.

Challenged to state what the party stands for, Newton says we will have to wait for the FLP manifesto, which they will publish next week.

"What about immigration - will you form a coalition with UKIP?", asked one journo at the party press conference.

"U-kip if you want to - no one's a migrant on the internet!" responded Kit, hinting at a radical new policy approach.

"Let me be clear: there will be no discrimination when I'm PM. All you will need is a six pack - and you're in!"


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