Monday, 21 May 2012

Sad - How Markabba destroyed his own channel

News from StrictlyComeFlexing (SCF) blog was Markabba would close his SCF channel today midnight. In fact, it's already gone:/ Instead, he's relaunched his markabba account as a playlist channel. [That channel was later also deleted by Mark himself.]

Yes, it's sad, and in more ways than Mark admits.

Of course, it's a real shame when a channel with potential is closed. SCF channel struggled during its final weeks, but with a different approach, it could have regained momentum and succeeded.

But it's even sadder that Mark takes no responsibility for his channel's fate. All the blame is heaped on me! Worse still, he emphatically repeats the lies that began our confrontation. That cancels out any sympathy I would otherwise feel.

Mark & me set up FL together, and there are no blogs or sites he didn't know of and approve before I posted our links on. FL was and is not promoted on porn sites.

Mark has never given any links to such sites, he just repeats innuendos about "teen blogs", as if there's some dark secret you'll find by "digging below the surface". Two months ago I posted the sites where FL is promoted. But that didn't stop his lies.

Now he's claiming that I've been "bad mouthing" him on other sites, "emotionally exhausting" him! In fact, Mark was seeking to manipulate guys on Cut and Shredded by implying he had connections with a bodybuilder and a photographer. Mark made these lies publicly, so I pointed out the facts, that's all.

In the case of the photographer, Mark had badly slandered him on SCF blog in posts he was forced to delete. So I think it was right to intervene. If I had been lying, why would Mark have deleted his C&S account?

Markabba can't even tell the truth about my so called "daily rants" against him. In this first post (2012/01/21), I replied to Mark's first attacks againt FL. His response was to claim I had "bad mouthed" him! It's been like that ever since.

I set up a separate blog, so that visitors to FL blog didn't have to read this stuff unless they chose to. True, not all the posts there are in response to Mark's smears on his blog. Actually, I've ignored many of those.

Some of my posts are meant to highlight Mark's dishonesty and hypocrisy, since that reinforces my argument that he lies about me. There are other posts that criticize Mark's taste, too, and some that make fun.

But if you write a blog - which is a public affair, and which thousands may read - you have to be ready to take criticism as well as praise. And if you lie about people, expect to get blasted.

Still, since January 21 - exactly 4 months - I've made 37 posts about markabba - some short, some long - averaging 2/week - hardly a "daily rant".

Note that Mark complains about being "worn down". How does he think others feel? Instead of writing this, I could have been walking in the sunshine, which is what I'm going to do now :D

Mark's latest post shows he intends to continue lying about me. That's the reason I make criticisms of him. So unless he finally retracts these lies, I feel justified in commenting further.

It's that simple. Actions - and words - have consequences. You can't say whatever you like about someone, then expect them to stay quiet about it.

Btw, my first name is Christopher, hence Kit, which is a diminutive form.

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