Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Unbelievable rubbish

From StrictlyComeFlexing blog . . .
Let them take my original idea and turn it into whatever they will.

(Markabba, writing about FlexingLads)

If an idea is good, it doesn't matter who originates it.

Equally, no matter how good an idea, it's what you do about it that counts.

But the fact is FL channel and this blog were my ideas.

Markabba and I agreed them as joint projects, but I suggested them, and I did all the work of setting them up, apart from getting the first uploads. Mark got those, and that was an essential contribution, but that and a little promotion is all he did.

The channel and blog were originally meant promote a planned website. The website idea was jointly worked out by me & Mark.

Since then, both channel & blog have taken on a life of their own.

I have dozens of old messages where we exchanged ideas, and they clearly show I'm right about this.

Saying the opposite - that FL is his "original idea" - Mark is either a barefaced liar or has memory &/or psychological problems.

Even if Mark's claim were true, that still leaves the matter of how an idea is put into practice.

On that score, your just have to compare results:
  • FL channel has been reasonably successful so far, and the tendency is upward.
  • SCF channel was a flop & markabba pulled the plug on it.
His excuse that he was forced to close the channel because my criticism "emotionally exhausted" him makes no sense at all. If that were so, why would he relaunch his markabba channel as SCF #2? [That channel now also closed by Mark.]

And why does he think my criticism will stop?

I had nothing against SCF channel. SCF blog was always been the main source of Mark's lies. [Mark deleted that blog.  But he continues to write crazy stuff about me on his current blog StrictlyAgain.]

So long Markabba continues to write bullshit about me & others, I'll respond as I see fit.

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