Sunday, 2 February 2014

January - How did we do?


Already 1/12 of 2014 gone! How did our channel perform in that first twelfth, compared to what we planned for?

You can read about our plans here. By the end of this year, we're aiming for 7,500 total subs, half a million new video views, 150 new clips, and 25 new flexers/channels featured on FL.

That breaks down to a monthly add of 200 subs, 41.7k views, about a dozen videos, and at least a couple of flexers.

What we actually got in January was: +178 subscribers, 38.2k views, 11 new clips, and 3 new guys and their channels promoted by FL.

I'm very happy with the new additions to our channel. All three have chosen to be featured. Most of our videos are not exclusive to FL, but all of them are uploaded only with the flexers' consent.

On channel growth and views though, we have got to do better! We'll follow up on the progress made in future posts.

Meanwhile, if you like what we do, please share our stuff - especially our YouTube videos. When you share, it's not only good for FL, it helps the guys too - and it's great fun for the friends you share with!

PS: our lifetime channel views topped ¾ million :D

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