Friday, 14 February 2014

Our website launch

FlexingLads website is now up and running!

There's still lots more to add, but you can already join the site (free), and once a member you can add other members as friends, set up groups - including a forum if you want one - and invite others to join.

It works like a mini-social site, where you can message other members and share stuff.

I'm still working on the appearance, so any feedback on that is very welcome. There will also be new features added soon. For example, we'll offer downloadable content (free and premium), as well as FL merchandise.

Joining is easy. Just click Register, top left. That will take you to a sign up page, and once you're done there, you'll get an activation email. Click on the link in that, or enter the code manually on the site, and you're in!

The Log in link is also top left. When you're logged in, top right you'll see your user name. Move your cursor over your name, and a drop down menu appears. Use that menu to navigate the membership area.

It shouldn't take long for you to work out how to use all the features. But if you get stuck, just message me (Kit), and I'll help you get sorted :)

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